Aftemath Is A New Survival Horror Game Pitting Players Against An Alien Invasion

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Developer One-O-One Games and Meta Publishing person pulled the curtain backmost connected Aftermath, a caller endurance fearfulness crippled coming adjacent year. Players power an astronaut who returns to Earth aft a ngo lone to find the satellite upended by an alien invasion.

After a botched reentry to Earth, protagonist Charlie Gray finds herself alone, emotionally broken, but driven by a singular ngo to find her missing daughter. She’s up against an intimidating extraterrestrial menace, specifically an invisible huntsman tracking her each move. Charlie indispensable outwit this foe to past portion besides confronting much in-your-face threats specified arsenic shambling corpse-like creatures successful over-the-shoulder third-person combat. Charlie whitethorn not beryllium a soldier, but she is simply a superb engineer, utilizing those skills to concoct blueprints for tools by examining everyday objects. Think of her similar a McGyver. As a endurance game, managing Charlie’s nutrition, hydration, and intelligence wellness are vital.

Aftermath’s foreboding presumption and ambiance travel courtesy of creator Alessandro Bavari, creation decorator for Alien: Covenant. The soundtrack boasts archetypal tracks from artists specified arsenic Unkle, Planet Funk, and others. 

If Aftermath piques your interest, support an oculus retired erstwhile it launches successful 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PC.

What bash you deliberation of this archetypal look astatine Aftermath? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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