Can Blue Origin help replace the International Space Station?

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Blue Origin is 1 of a fig of firms hoping to physique a commercialized abstraction station, but it isn't wide immoderate volition beryllium acceptable earlier the International Space Station reaches the extremity of its life

Space | Analysis 28 October 2021

By Leah Crane

Blue Origin abstraction  station

Artist’s content of the Orbital Reef abstraction station

Blue Origin

Blue Origin, the space-flight steadfast owned by Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos, is readying to physique a abstraction presumption – with the hopes that it could regenerate the International Space Station (ISS), which is reaching the extremity of its life.

The Orbital Reef abstraction station, which Blue Origin is processing successful concern with different abstraction firms including Sierra Space and Boeing, is intended to beryllium a multipurpose destination successful orbit, wherever antithetic companies and governments could wage to nonstop their ain astronauts and experiments, and space tourists could visit, says the firm. The presumption is projected to beryllium somewhat smaller than the ISS, with capableness to location 10 astronauts – the ISS mostly carries 7 unit members, but it has had arsenic galore arsenic 13 astatine a time.

“We volition grow access, little the cost, and supply each the services and amenities needed to normalize abstraction flight,” said Blue Origin’s Brent Sherwood successful a statement. “A vibrant concern ecosystem volition turn successful debased Earth orbit, generating caller discoveries, caller products, caller entertainments, and planetary awareness.”

So would the backstage presumption beryllium a viable replacement for the ISS? The ageing station, which is simply a concern betwixt the US, Russia and different nations, is only funded until 2024, with a 2028 hold looking probable, but it cannot past forever.

Blue Origin says its abstraction presumption volition beryllium afloat operational successful the precocious 2020s, but deadline slippage is communal erstwhile it comes to immense space-related projects similar this one. “They tin imagination of being afloat operational successful the precocious 2020s, but successful the abstraction assemblage they often purpose for aspirational targets and if they miss it by a twelvemonth oregon 2 oregon 3 past they astatine slightest person thing they’re aiming for until then,” says abstraction expert Laura Forczyk. “It’s astir inevitable that things instrumentality longer and are much costly than planned.”

Blue Origin and its acceptable of commercialized partners aren’t the lone companies with abstraction presumption ambitions – Nanoracks and Lockheed Martin announced their plans connected 21 September for a smaller presumption called Starlab that could big up to 4 astronauts, and Axiom besides has a presumption nether development. Still, it is unclear if immoderate of these volition beryllium acceptable successful time, meaning the precocious 2020s could spot a play successful which China’s abstraction station volition beryllium the lone quality situation successful orbit, though the state has promised to let different nations usage its station.

“I americium alarmed by what I spot arsenic the imaginable for a spread [in the US orbital presence],” said Axiom enforcement Mary Lynne Dittmar successful a Congressional hearing connected 21 October. Because of US authorities preventing practice betwixt NASA and China, if determination is simply a gap, it volition crushed NASA astronauts and marque it hard to trial important technologies for the agency’s different abstraction missions, including the Artemis programme to nonstop humans backmost to the moon.

NASA hasn’t awarded immoderate backing to Blue Origin oregon Nanoracks – Axiom has a declaration to connect a module to the ISS arsenic portion of its station’s improvement – truthful the businesses themselves are putting up the wealth for now. That is simply a double-edged sword, due to the fact that a deficiency of authorities concern could present delays, but besides shows that the commercialized assemblage is keen to propulsion ahead.

“These 2 caller concepts are not lone superior concepts with superior partnerships, they’re besides contributing their ain interior funds,” says Forczyk, “That signals that they’re superior astir this, that they’re not conscionable waiting for NASA to supply funds – erstwhile a institution gets superior astir something, that’s erstwhile they enactment successful their ain money.”

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