Fiery young Bulldog in hot water again

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Wayward Bulldogs front-rower Jack Hetherington has again landed himself successful blistery water, collecting returning Roosters fastener Victor Radley precocious and gifting the Tricolours a punishment extremity close successful beforehand of the posts.

The Bulldogs inactive harboured anticipation of pulling disconnected a precocious comeback triumph arsenic they toiled distant heavy successful Roosters territory successful the 75th minute, trailing 20-16, but their triumph hopes were each but dashed erstwhile Hetherington drew the ire of referee Adam Gee.

Roosters halfback Sam Walker made nary mistake from the tee to manus his broadside a 22-16 lead, earlier the remaining 5 minutes fizzled retired arsenic the Tricolours walked distant with the win.

"Radley's fixed (Hetherington) a gobful," said Fox League commentator Andrew Voss.

Balmain fable Steve Roach added: "Well it bounced up precocious aft interaction and past helium grabbed him astir the head. Of people you're going to get penalised for that the mode the rules are now. It wasn't a atrocious changeable to commencement with; it conscionable crept up a small high."

With little than 10 minutes remaining this clash is inactive anyone's for the taking, aft the Bulldogs and Roosters snared a effort each successful the 2nd 40 minutes.

Bulldogs fullback Nick Meaney bagged the archetypal four-pointer of the 2nd half.

And Roosters winger Matt Ikuvalu collected the next.

The Roosters and Bulldogs person exchanged quick-fire tries precocious successful the opening fractional to acceptable up an arm-wrestle astatine Bankwest Stadium.

Roosters fullback Joey Manu jagged the first.

And Canterbury five-eighth Lachlan Lewis sprung up for his 2nd effort of the match.

Rising Bulldogs playmaker Lachlan Lewis has stalled the Roosters' rampage with a spectacular solo try.

The five-eighth retrieved the footy 25 metres retired connected the near borderline successful the 17th minute, chipped a footwear implicit Tricolours fullback Joey Manu and won the contention to the footy arsenic helium slid successful the bedewed and scored.

"Lachlan Lewis, that is rather sensational!" said Fox League commentator Andrew Voss.

"I deliberation helium wants to person a post-try solemnisation but he's been mauled by his teammates."

Balmain large Steve Roach added: "A small left-foot kick, stabs it implicit the top, they person to crook astir and chance, helium gets determination first, that's a try. Well done."

Voss raved astir the moment, saying Lewis had "executed a treat".

Jake Averillo added the extras to chopped the shortage to 10-6.

The Roosters person got an aboriginal leap connected the struggling Bulldogs, moving successful 2 tries successful the opening 10 minutes astatine Bankwest Stadium.

Centre Billy Smith crossed for the archetypal effort 4 minutes into the game, earlier front-rower Sitili Tupouniua added different 3 minutes later.

Sam Walker missed the archetypal conversion but slotted the adjacent to marque the Tricolours' vantage 10-0.

Any accidental of redemption for Bulldogs playmaker Kyle Flanagan against his erstwhile nine has gone retired the window, with manager Trent Barrett axing the 22-year-old from the starting 17.

Flanagan had been named astatine five-eighth erstwhile the squad was announced earlier this week, but his sanction was missing from the last lineup announced an hr earlier kickoff.

Instead, Lachlan Lewis volition commencement astatine five-eighth.

Thrown a lifeline by the Bulldogs, Flanagan has endured a hard 2021 season, dropped aft circular 10 and lone recalled to the broadside past week with 5 players unavailable owed to COVID-19 breaches.

He had small interaction successful the 66-0 thrashing astatine the hands of Manly, and present finds himself backmost successful the wilderness.

Bulldogs: 1. Nick Meaney 2. Corey Allan 3. Will Hopoate 4. Aaron Schoupp 21. Falakiko Manu 19. Lachlan Lewis 7. Jake Averillo 8. Jack Hetherington 9. Sione Katoa 10. Luke Thompson 11. Corey Waddell 12. Joe Stimson 13. Josh Jackson 14. Bailey Biondi-Odo 15. Dylan Napa 16. Ofahiki Ogden 17. Renouf Atoni 1 20. Jackson Topine 21. Falakiko Manu 22. Chris Patolo

Roosters: 1. Joseph Manu 2. Daniel Tupou 3. Josh Morris 4. Billy Smith 5. Matt Ikuvalu 6. Drew Hutchison 7. Sam Walker 8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 9. Sam Verrills 10. Siosiua Taukeiaho 11. Isaac Liu 12. Sitili Tupouniua 13. Victor Radley 14. Lachlan Lam 15. Egan Butcher 16. Nat Butcher 17. Ben Thomas

Welcome to Wide World of Sports' sum of the circular 17 lucifer betwixt the Bulldogs and the Roosters from Bankwest Stadium.

Wet and acold conditions volition greet the players tonight, with temperatures expected to beryllium successful azygous figures during the match. Steady rainfall has been falling successful the country astir of the afternoon.

There's already been 1 change, with the NRL forced to power the lucifer officials for tonight's match.

Referee Grant Atkins and interaction judges Belinda Sharpe and Liam Kennedy were owed to power the match, but they've been replaced by the officials who did Thursday's lucifer betwixt Manly and Canberra.

Adam Gee volition present referee the match, on with interaction judges Peter Gough and David Munro.

The power was indispensable due to the fact that 2 of the archetypal officials whitethorn beryllium classified arsenic casual contacts by NSW Health.

The NRL said the power was made "as an abundance of caution".

"The officials utilized successful Thursday night's crippled did not bid with the broader squad connected Thursday oregon Friday," the NRL said.

"The lucifer officials who whitethorn beryllium classified arsenic casual contacts person undergone COVID tests."

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