Greater global solidarity needed to achieve peace and security for Africa

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Speaking connected behalf of the Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed drew the attraction of the Council to “a fig of worrying trends” Africans look today.

The Deputy Secretary-General highlighted the socio-economic burdens of COVID-19, saying it has not lone impacted the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) crossed Africa, but besides exacerbated poverty, inequalities and each the drivers of conflict.

“It has undercut the proviso of nationalist services, disrupted proviso chains, slowed economical activity, and hampered bid agreements and struggle resolution”, she said.

And from a subject coup d’état successful Sudan earlier this week to continuing struggle successful bluish Ethiopia’s Tigray region, and persistent threats of coercion and convulsive extremism, she observed “a emergence successful seizures of powerfulness by force” and “a proliferation of militias” crossed Africa.  

Broadened cooperation

She said that contempt these “worrisome developments”, Africans proceed to enactment relentlessly for a prosperous, sustainable and peaceful continent, based connected the cosmopolitan principles of quality rights, arsenic witnessed done increasing practice betwixt the UN, AU and sub-regional organizations connected sustainable development, elections and bid processes. 

Ms. Mohammed cited the illustration of Libya, wherever the UN, AU, League of Arab States, and European Union, are moving to enactment the ceasefire statement and hole for upcoming elections.  

“We’re besides moving intimately with the African Union and sub-regional organizations, to enactment the countries of the Sahel and beyond, including to code the instrumentality of mercenaries and overseas fighters to their countries of origin”, she said. 

Mission support

UN peculiar governmental missions, peacekeeping missions, and state teams successful Africa proceed to supply broad enactment to different bid initiatives and governmental transitions - including successful Cameroon, Mali, Somalia and South Sudan.  

And erstwhile ongoing discussions connected the part of responsibilities betwixt the AU and Regional Economic Communities/Mechanisms are concluded, Ms. Mohammed “looks guardant to proceed harnessing the opportunities and strengths of each enactment and physique effectual struggle prevention and solution strategies arsenic the COVID-19 pandemic and clime alteration continues to impact the continent, peculiarly women and youth”.  

‘Reembrace planetary solidarity’

The UN’s beardown concern with the AU and sub-regional organizations indispensable beryllium supported by each Member States. 

Citing Our Common Agenda, she underlined the request to “reembrace planetary solidarity” to find caller ways to enactment unneurotic for the communal bully of each radical successful each country.

Pointing to 3 urgent actions, she began with prioritizing the COVID-19 effect successful Africa done “accelerated vaccine distribution, strengthening nationalist wellness systems and overmuch needed investments successful preparedness”. 

The lawman UN main reaffirmed the UN’s “focus connected sustainable development”, with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the AU’s Agenda 2063 “at the bosom of our communal efforts”.

“Ultimately, sustainable and inclusive improvement is our champion accidental to code the basal causes of struggle and execute a aboriginal of bid and prosperity for all”, she said.

Sustainable and inclusive improvement is our champion accidental to code the basal causes of struggle -- UN lawman chief

‘Spare nary effort’

To “continue securing adequate, predictable, and sustainable resources that volition bring to beingness development, bid and information mandates crossed Africa”, was the lawman UN chief’s last point.

In this regard, she highlighted the centrality of coherent enactment crossed peace, improvement and humanitarian approaches, passim the continent, “in establishing a communal vision, successful ensuring complementarity and safeguarding of investments”. 

Under the guidance of Member States, Ms. Mohammed attested that the UN would “spare nary effort to marque our partnerships much effectual to assistance each Africans physique a much inclusive, prosperous, integrated, and peaceful continent”. 

Africa asks

On behalf of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, encouraged much effectual African engagement with UN preventive diplomacy capacities portion calling for higher levels of solidarity and much knowing of existent threats.

He besides highlighted the request for much women and younker astatine each stages of conflict-related decision-making and management, including the silencing the guns initiative, and called for improved responses to information challenges, specified arsenic threats posed by terrorists and absorption enactment which undermines democratically-elected governments.

Toxic narratives

With Kenya holding the presidency of Security Council, the country’s President Uhuru Kenyatta warned that governmental differences and toxic narratives, which are proliferating connected the continent, were being “weaponized” – adjacent successful the astir unchangeable democracies.

He besides explained that UN and AU missions are dealing with progressively blase panic threats arsenic multi-lateral responses are falling abbreviated successful galore countries, including connected clime and vaccine access, urging “a caller conversation” implicit Africa's information architecture.

Fiscal stability

The AU High Representative for Financing and the African Union Peace Fund, Donald Kaberuka said that to date, UN-AU cooperation, including connected security, has been mostly ad hoc and pushed for the Organization to reassess the value of supporting African bid operations done assessed contributions.

He called for much predictable backing to code bid and information emergencies arsenic good longer-term stableness efforts.

Beneficiaries of projects supported by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization successful  Somalia

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Beneficiaries of projects supported by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization successful Somalia

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