Mega Man's Rush Springs Into Monster Hunter Rise Next Week

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Capcom continues to collaborate wrong its interior brands, bringing different tegument to Monster Hunter Rise. This clip Mega Man 11 is the crossover title, offering a caller Palamute layered armor featuring Rush. This robotic dog might beryllium my favourite extracurricular summation to the crippled yet! Check retired Rush successful enactment successful the trailer below.

Monster Hunter’s dev squad isn’t conscionable slapping skins connected characters and calling it a day. Putting the Rush armor connected your Palamute transforms it into Mega Man’s canine companion, implicit with the peculiar moves for which he’s famous. Sprinting portion riding connected a Rush Palamute makes the canine levitate, turning his hind legs into rocket-propelled engines. Likewise, jumping disconnected from him enables a outpouring animation, conscionable similar if Rush were helping Mega Man leap to a precocious platform. Hunters tin adjacent customize his colour to marque their personalized mentation of Rush.

These kinds of loving details marque what could beryllium a lackluster tegument thing I’m decidedly going to get erstwhile it releases. Other caller Capcom collaborations see tie-ins with Monster Hunter Stories 2 (which you tin work my reappraisal of here), Street Fighter’s Akuma, and Amaterasu from the whimsical Okami. At slightest 1 much Capcom crossover is scheduled for merchandise this fall, but you tin get your hands connected Rush connected September 24. Happy hunting!

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