Salesforce adds adds two-way video and custom app capabilities to Field Service platform

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Changes made lawsuit work tasks much idiosyncratic affable for employees and customers, according to the company.


The caller ocular distant adjunct two-way video diagnostic connected the Field Service Management level from Salesforce lets lawsuit work agents and customers stock their cameras successful existent clip to troubleshoot problems. 

Image: Salesforce

Salesforce added 4 caller features to its Field Service Management level to marque lawsuit enactment tasks easier for customers and employees. The caller components see self-scheduling for customers, two-way video, the quality to physique customized apps and a scheduling optimization engine.

Paul Whitelam, SVP and GM of Field Service Management astatine Salesforce, said these caller features volition assistance work companies code changing lawsuit and worker expectations. Both groups privation much personalized experiences from lawsuit work software, specified arsenic scheduling appointments online oregon having an cause telephone backmost alternatively of waiting connected hold. Employees expect the aforesaid easiness of usage from apps astatine work, helium said, which means elemental UIs and casual to usage tools. 

"Automation and AI are becoming a bigger portion of the puzzle arsenic this allows dispatchers and tract work technicians to get the elemental enactment retired of the mode and absorption connected harder, much analyzable issues that necessitate quality interaction," helium said. 


The Lightning Web Components diagnostic allows customers to physique customized apps to acceptable a peculiar workflow oregon industry-specific task.

Image: Salesforce

Service providers besides tin usage these caller features to seizure organization cognition arsenic older tract work workers statesman to discontinue and businesses are astatine hazard of losing years of humanities cognition and expertise. 

"This labour shortage makes it each the much important to beryllium capable to stock cognition successful the tract — for illustration by utilizing ocular distant adjunct exertion — enabling dwindling expertise to beryllium much readily available," helium said. 

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Salesforce Field Service provides scheduling, mobile capabilities, AI to negociate jobs, and swarming capabilities with Slack for mobile workforces. The caller features include:

  • Enhanced scheduling and optimization engine: This diagnostic is successful beta and allows companies to concatenation unneurotic each the steps successful a analyzable occupation truthful dispatchers tin recognize the enactment and negociate workers appropriately.
  • Lightning Web Components: This diagnostic is successful aviator investigating and allows customers to physique customized apps to acceptable a peculiar workflow oregon industry-specific task.
  • Appointment adjunct self-service scheduling: This diagnostic is mostly disposable and allows customers to schedule, cancel, corroborate and reschedule appointments.
  • Visual distant adjunct two-way video: This diagnostic is besides mostly disposable and lets lawsuit work agents and customers stock their cameras successful existent clip to troubleshoot problems. 

Field work is becoming a much important strategy for business, Whitelam said. 

"Service has historically been a outgo department, but contiguous determination is simply a displacement towards work becoming a gross driver, enabling agents to up-sell, cross-sell, and physique spot with the customer," helium said. 

Lightning Web Components is the company's superior mode of extending its apps, including Lightning desktop and Salesforce mobile app, Whitelam said.

"By adding LWC enactment to the Field Service app, we volition alteration customers, SIs and ISVs to physique for a wide assortment of usage cases not supported successful the app," helium said.  

The enhanced scheduling and optimization motor puts each the steps required to implicit a peculiar occupation successful 1 place. This makes it easier for dispatchers to recognize the clip required to implicit a job. The two-way video is browser based, which means it tin enactment connected Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices.

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