Trial Into Antioxidant for Parkinson's Disease Yields Disappointing Results

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By Cara MurezHealthDay Reporter

FRIDAY, Sept. 17, 2021 (HealthDay News) – Researchers hoped to amusement that the earthy antioxidant urate could hold Parkinson's disease progression, but a survey completed astatine Massachusetts General Hospital dashed those expectations.

The proceedings enrolled astir 300 individuals precocious diagnosed with aboriginal Parkinson's disease, which affects the body's centrifugal system. Symptoms specified arsenic tremors, stiff limbs and equilibrium problems advancement gradually, and determination is nary known cure.

The probe squad recovered nary important quality successful the complaint of illness progression for those fixed the metabolite inosine for 2 years compared to the placebo group.

Inosine raises levels of urate successful the brain and blood. It has appeared neuroprotective successful preclinical models.

The inosine did not beryllium beneficial, and those who received it besides had an accrued complaint of kidney stones, according to the study.

"The convergence of epidemiological, biologic and objective information from past probe made a compelling statement that elevating urate, the main antioxidant circulating successful the blood, could support against the oxidative harm thought to play a relation successful Parkinson's disease," said elder writer Dr. Michael Schwarzschild, a neurologist astatine Mass General and a prof of neurology astatine Harvard Medical School.

"While our survey did not regularisation retired a protective effect of urate successful Parkinson's, it intelligibly showed that expanding urate did not dilatory illness progression based connected objective assessments and serial bran scan," helium added successful a infirmary quality release.

Though it didn't supply answers to illness progression, Schwarzschild said the survey was palmy successful different ways.

"The findings were precise adjuvant successful providing a world cheque that present allows the tract to determination connected to different therapeutic approaches," said Schwarzschild. "We besides learned a batch successful presumption of objective trials subject for Parkinson's, and ways to behaviour aboriginal studies that volition summation their accidental of success."

The findings were published Sept. 14 successful the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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SOURCE: Massachusetts General Hospital-Harvard University, quality release, Sept. 14, 2021

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